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Safety Services & Tips

South Dakota One Call - Underground Locate

The Cooperative is a member of South Dakota One Call, a communication link among utilities, contractors, and private individuals who work with or around underground lines or pipes. If you plan to dig a hole or trench more than a foot deep on your property, you must phone South Dakota One Call toll free at 800.781.7474, at least 48 hours before you plan to excavate. They have up-to-date records on electric, gas, phone and other utilities. They can help you avoid loss of service by accidentally severing one of these lines or pipes. Your call may also avert a possible serious incident.

Emergency Standby Generators

Emergency generators improperly connected can create a very dangerous condition. Please contact the Cooperative before installing standby generators. Stand-by generators require the installation of a "double-throw" switch to prevent interconnection with the utility grid. When your stand-by generator is being operated, a double-throw switch will help:

  • Protect the public, your neighbors and the Cooperative's personnel from accidental electrocution.
  • Protect the electric equipment belonging to you or your neighbor from serious damage.

Tree Trimming

A right-of-way clear of trees and brush is essential for the efficient and safe operation of distribution power lines. Tree limbs in contact with electric lines may cause power outages, become potential fire hazards, and/or endanger the lives of children climbing trees. Trees that threaten the reliability of your electric service will be trimmed or removed by the Cooperative at no cost to you.

Rights-Of-Way And Rights-Of-Access

We wish to provide the best possible service to each member. Therefore, it is a condition of membership, that all employees and agents be granted the right to have access to your premises at reasonable times to read meters; test, repair or replace any equipment which is the property of the Cooperative; or to connect or disconnect service.


Electricity is a clean, efficient and readily available source of energy. However, if used incorrectly, it can be fatal. Please call us immediately if you notice any of the following hazardous situations:

  • broken utility poles
  • tree limbs, antenna or other obstructions on or very close to utility lines
  • wires dangling from utility poles
  • wires on the ground
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